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There’s nothing quite like the magnificence of an Orca Whale – an experience that leaves most people in awe.

Book with one of countless charters and spend the day out on the water in one of nature’s most memorable landscapes.

Keep your eyes open for seals, sea lions, dolphins and bald eagles while experienced guides get you unimaginably close to killer whales.


Get in touch with a guide today: Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours, Eagle Eye Adventures, Aboriginal Journeys, Discovery Marine Safaris, (see more Google results)

Whale Watching Adventure Tours
Orca Pod
Whale Watching Adventures

Raft & Snorkel with Salmon Adventure Tour

Destiny River-Raft & Snorkel with Salmon

This 3 hour tour is unique to the Campbell River. Each year thousands of salmon return to the river from which they started. The crystal clear water allows for easy viewing of the salmon in the river environment from the raft – or you can don a wetsuit and participate in one of the most unique experiences by snorkeling in the river pools.

Grizzly Bear Watching Tours

Vancouver Island is black bear territory, but grizzlies aren’t far away. Take a wildlife tour or go bear-watching in remote and wild areas of this region. A short float plane or boat ride from Vancouver Island leads to incredible grizzly bear watching in Knight Inlet and Bute Inlet, part of the Great Bear Rainforest.


There are several companies that offer grizzly bear watching tours, such as Discovery Marine SafarisAboriginal Journeys Wildlife and Adventure Tours and Campbell River Whale Watching Adventure Tours.

Grizzly Bear Tours
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