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Olive Branch Botanicals

Experience naturally nutritious skin care developed with respect and responsibility to protect the planet while cleansing and conditioning hair and skin.  Discover a pure, gentle and natural way to live a life of well being and create sustainable style.  Indulge in an eco-conscious bath and body line of products that smooths skin and creates healthy hair while having a positive effect on the environment.
Say goodbye to the everyday and behold the power of plants as beneficial botanicals offer an array of antioxidants and skin smoothing compounds to decompress and bolster the body’s defenses with nutrients that smooth skin and soothe the soul.  Indulge in your own personal survival kit; decompress as you transition from the stresses of the day.  Detoxify and purify as you throw off the shackles of stress and immerse yourself in botanical bliss.
Balance your body and soothe your soul with Olive Branch Botanicals™.

Olive Branch Botanicals™ Daily Shampoo

Every day hair is exposed to absolute abuse; styling, pollution and sun exposure all cause daily damage.  Gently cleanse stressed strands with a naturally nourishing shampoo that smooths dry damaged hair and adds shine back to tired tresses to liven up lifeless locks. 

Hydrate hair and soothe the soul with a personal survival kit developed to put the shine back in tortured tresses. 

Olive Branch Botanicals™ Moisturizing Conditioner

Discover a pure, gentle and natural way to live a life of well being and create sustainable style. Create your own personal survival kit with eco-conscious products that smooth singed strands and tortured tresses while protecting the planet.  Tame tangles and fight frizz and flyaway with a creamy conditioner that boosts body and bounce for a more manageable mane.   Naturally energize lifeless locks and transform tresses with a naturally nutritious conditioner that creates supreme shine.

Olive Branch Botanicals™ Eucalyptus Cleansing Bars 1.75 oz

Revitalize skin, purge pores and clarify skin imperfections with a calming cleanser that’s pure and naturally committed to protect the planet with sustainable style.  Gently emulsify dirt, oil and impurities and wash away daily debris with a naturally nourishing cleanser that purifies pores and softens skin for perfectly balanced beauty. 

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